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Saturday, December 13th, from 3pm-5pm

Purposeful Parenting: Strategies for Having Conversations about Structural Racism with ChildrenTalking

American Brewery, 1701 N. Gay Street; Baltimore, MD 21213


Join BRJA, Dr. Karsonya Whitehead–author of Letters to My Teenage Sons–and Dr. Ray Winbush–author of The Warrior Method: A Parents’ Guide to rearing Healthy Black Boys–for the December 13th of the month event.  We will engage in conversations about the importance of talking to children about structural racism, including various tools for parents.  This event will also explore the benefits and challenges for parents and other caregivers of all races in facilitating this dialogue with children of all races.

Over the past months, we have been looking at various aspects of the murder of Mike Brown by Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO. We talked with the family of Tyrone West in August, and with Baltimore youth in September.  This month we will talk with parents about how having these crucial conversations with their children will help youth, in age appropriate ways, understand and navigate the social trauma around them sustained by structural racism.



New Video! Dr. Ray Winbush speaking about reparations at BRJA’s August 13th Event.



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