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Affirmative Action: Racial Preference in Black and White
Tim Wise, Routledge, 2005.
Examines the larger structure of institutional white privilege
in education, and compares the magnitude of white racial preference with the policies typically envisioned when the term “racial preference” is used. In doing so, the book demonstrates that the American system of education is both a reflection of and a contributor to a structure of institutionalized racism and racial preference for the dominant majority.


Being Black, Living in the Red: Race, Wealth and social Policy in America
Dalton Conley, University of California Press 1999.
Conley shows how factoring parental wealth into a reconceptualization of class can lead to a different future for race policy in the United States. As it currently stands, affirmative action programs primarily address racial diversity
in schooling and work. Instead he suggests an affirmative ac- tion policy that fosters minority property accumulation, thereby encouraging long-term wealth equity.

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