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    List of resource categories.
    List of books by title.
    List of books by author/editor.

  • Race and Child Welfare

    Books that shed light on structural racism and its disproportionate impact on Black children caught up in the child welfare system.

  • Intersections of Oppressions

    Books that analyze the intersections of various “-ism’s” and their impact on each other.

  • Race and Communication

    Books that provide help on how to talk about race.

  • Race and the Media

    Resources about how stories are racialized in the media.

  • Racial Equity Tools

    Comprehensive website offering tools, tips and ideas for achieving racial equity.

  • Children & Race

    Books for children that encourage dialogue about race.

  • Christianity & Racism

    Resources about dismantling racism from a Christian perspective.

  • Women and Race

    Resources concerning the intersection of feminism, womanism and race.

  • White People, Privilege, and Racial Justice

    Analysys of the history and meaning of white privilege and how to confront it and how to use it it for equity.

  • Reparations

    Resources examining the need, or not, for reparations for enslavement and Jim Crow, and organizations working on the issue of reparations.

  • Native Americans & Racism

    Resources about the history and impact of institutional racism on Native Americans.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr.

    To go beyond the “I have a dream…” speech, which falsely constructs an image of a dreamer, and masks the continued need for King’s analytical critiques of capitalism, militarism and white supremacy.

  • Latinos/as & Racism

    Resources about the history and impact of institutional racism on Latino/as.

  • Race and Judaism

    Information about the history and impact of institutional racism on Jews.

  • Internalized Oppression/Racism

    Explanations of “internalized oppression,” its impact on people of color, and resources for healing.

  • Immigration & Racism

    Resources on the history and impact of istitutionalized racism on immigrants and responses to contemporary claims.

  • Identity & Racism

    Analysis of racial identity development, and resources on raising children with healthy identities.

  • History

    Histories of race in the United States and voices of the marginaized and oppressed.

  • Education & Racism

    Resources analyzing how racism shows up in our schools and methods for providing equitable educations.

  • Economics & Racism

    Resources on the ways wealth has been racialized.

  • Criminal Justice & Racism

    Resources on the unequal racialization of our criminal justice policies, outcomes and impacts.

  • Bi-Multi-Trans-Racial Issues

    Resources for mixed-raced families, and for parents considering trans-racial adoption.

  • Asians & Racism

    Resources about the history and impact of institutional racism on different Asian populations.

  • Affirmative Action

    Information about what affirmative action is and isn’t, who has benefited (really) and why it should still be part of policy.

  • Activism Against Racism

    Resources to answer the question, “What can I do?”

  • Institutional & Structural Racism

    Resources for understanding institutional and structural racism, how it operates and how to dismantle it.

  • Diversity/Inclusion in Business

    Analysis of racism and capitalism and information for businesses to consider about diversity and its benefits.