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Resources about the history and impact of institutional racism on Native and indigenous people can be found on our Resources/Native Americans page.


Books by Native authors for children (and adults) and a link to a guide for evaluating books for anti-Indian bias can be found on our Resources/Children & Race page.



Bob Costas says Redskins’ team name is offensive during halftime essay on NBC


Washington owner Daniel Snyder sends letter to fans about future of Redskins nickname


Hundreds rally in Minn. against Redskins’ name


Follow the efforts to change the Washington Redskins name at



Baltimore American Indian Center

Established to assist and support American Indian and Alaskan Native families with moving into an urban environment.
113 S. Broadway, Baltimore, Md. 21231


 Ashley Minner Community Artist

A member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina and active in the Baltimore Lumbee community for many years, Ashley is a talented artist and committed community activist. Visit her website to learn more about Community Art for Social Justice, her work at the Native American After School Art Program and other projects.




If you missed this year’s Pow Wow, be sure to check back next year so you don’t miss the 40th annual Native American Festival!

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