BRJA’s philosophy of racial justice and social change acknowledges the interconnectedness of all forms of oppression.


We do our racial justice work in the context of a broad human rights and liberation movement of which we are a part. Because our focus is specifically on issues of race/racism/white privilege/white supremacy, it is crucial that our decisions and actions related to other forms of historic oppression are the result of an analysis that is rooted in the world view of people of color, not in a white world view.  Adherence to this principle can be especially challenging for white members of BRJA (especially for those actively involved in perspectives/movements that address other types of oppression and  espouse a “universalist” philosophy, but are otherwise historically, philosophically, and operationally rooted in US racialization).  But none of us are immune to the pervasive promotion of a white world view in US society, and we constantly strive to examine our world views and how they impact our analysis of structural racism.