ThroughtheLensDarkly Through a Lens Darkly

For the last 170 years, pioneering African American photographers — men and women, celebrated and anonymous — have recorded the dramas and aspirations of generations. Through a Lens Darkly traces their spiritual transformation from slavery to economic mobility and social stability, and shows how these photographers helped their communities reclaim self-worth and humanity.



Molly McGrath Tierney on Re-Thinking Foster Care MollyMcGrathTierney

Molly McGrath Tierney is the former Director of Baltimore City Department of Social Services.





khalilmohammadKhalil Muhammad on Facing our Racial Past

Khalil Gibran Muhammad is the Director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The New York Public Library.






Aamer Rahman on Reverse Racism


Aamer Rahman is an Australian stand-up comedian of Bangladeshi descent. He is best known as one half of comedy duo Fear of a Brown Planet, along with Nazeem Hussain