Speak1Become known within your industry as a voice for racial equity.

Develop policies and an organizational culture that promote honest conversation leading to racial equity within your organization.
Ensure management and staff understand how to create equitable opportunities for other employees and for clients.










Identify and support employees who want to obtain racial equity training.

Locate and support local racial equity efforts.

Identify and support the advancement to leadership positions of people of color in your organization.

Implement a robust mentoring program that supports employees regardless of race.






Encourage management and staff to attend BRJA public dialogue events – Sign up to be notified of events at our Homepage

Enlist racial equity consultants to conduct a racial equity assessment of your organization and implement their recommendations.







Donate to support BRJA’s work.

Provide employees with fees and time off for racial equity training.

Provide time, treasure and talents to other organizations working for racial equity.