“I took [the] course from BRJA a couple years ago and it was really powerful and helpful. The folks in BRJA spend a lot of time meeting and discussing and revising their teaching material so it is the most applicable to people in the group, and they present it in such a way that creates space for so much conversation. If you haven’t already decided to do their course, it’s a good idea.”“This work is crucial to the healing of the fabric of our society!  Anyone who truly desires real change in the difficult racial dynamics in our country needs to begin with this kind of training.  Even though I’ve been committed to this work for a long time, I never had the kinds of tools I’ve acquired during this training.”

“The class really did change me. I remember saying complaining why go? It’s all about how horrible I am. I was getting really defensive. It made me come to grips with a lot of stuff.”


“I have needed this workshop for a   long time.  I have a hope and sense of my own power in bringing about   change in the institutions of this country.”

“Wonderful to have historical [perspective]   . . . very worthwhile . . .”

“I felt that I could speak what I really felt and be supported and not penalized for it.”

“[I] work with [Black, male,   domestic violence] perpetrators [using curriculum] models from white middle class . . . Started questioning & talking to men of color about how [the curriculum resonated with them or not].” (This   participant was eventually able to get the curriculum changed to be more relevant to the clients’ situations and world views, ultimately making the curriculum more effective.)

“[What I learned in the course]   worked quite well – doubled the size of (an all-white, middle class) board of directors, adding three Afrikan Descendants and one East Indian.”