The leadership and decision making body of BRJA grew from the original multi-racial group called Baltimore Anti-Racism Network (BARN).  BARN includes many of the founding members plus newer members who have taken on active roles in the organization. Because white people and people of color have different connections to the impact of racism and the work of dismantling it, we have separate entry points for membership in BRJA. Membership is by invitation, and is not considered until a person has completed one of our racial equity workshops. The White Anti-Racism Network (WARN) is the entry point for new white members of BRJA.  It is a place where white BRJA members deepen our understanding of white privilege and racial justice and improve our skills in anti-racism work. Baltimore Activists of Color Organized for Equity (BACOE) is the entry point for new people of color who join BRJA.  BACOE provides a space where members of color can find mentoring and mutual support for our racial justice work. The overlapping circles of BRJA’s structure allow for processes of learning and accountability both within and across racial groups.  They provide a path for entry, growth, leadership development, and mentoring.  They enable us to build trust and a strong sense of community and shared purpose.BRJAStructure